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28-Aug-2016 09:55

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Match has more than 23.5 million users, not only making it one of the largest dating sites around but making it one of the best choices for single gamers.You won’t find more compatible people anywhere else.But gamers deserve love too, and several sites have popped up over the years that can help gamers find romantic partners who also share a love for video games.

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It was a cruel joke and he said it loudly in a crowded playground. It's a topic I am passionate about and it inadvertently became a litmus test for potential relationships.Someone once told me my desk at work looked like it belonged to a teenage boy. Naturally, it follows that video games would play a huge role in my love life as well. I needed to make a change, so one time I blurted out: "So do you like video games? I knew I needed to make a change so one time, in a rare moment of bravery, I blurted out to a guy I was chatting with "So do you like video games? Nothing ended up happening between us but at least I found a way to beat my anxiety — and made a new friend along the way. They form a warm blanket of comfort when I'm sitting at my cubicle because video games are a big part of my life. But trying to spark up a relationship after the cliché small talk was a one-way ticket to awkward silence, shrivelling up, and retreating into a dark corner. This is when I would shrivel up, make up an excuse, and slip away into a dark corner to reboot. Impassioned words flowed out of my mouth as I gesticulated enthusiastically.While the site looks straight out of the 1990s, it’s functional and suffices.

Right away, without creating an account, you can perform a Quick Search to browse through potential matches based on age, location, and distance. But for best results, you should create your own account.

One of the best date nights I’ve ever had with a boyfriend wasn’t going to a fancy restaurant and then taking a long walk on the beach — it was staying in, cooking eggplant parmesan, and playing the newly-released “World of Goo” on Wii.